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Search Hardly the future of relations between the US and Russia will be free from the controversy, said Putin's press Secretary The priority of the new President will be destroying the Islamic state Many have suggested that bill Clinton was looking at the daughter of Donald trump Ivanka The new US President also intends to replace the current dark red curtains, office curtains a different color The second petition requires trump to abandon the business and property by placing all the assets in the so-called blind trust About 200 people took part in the protest Previously, LaBeouf was marked by holding various performances Protesters broke the Windows not only Larry king but also in many other Ban Ki-San is accused of corruption Voted 88 senators against 11 legislators, and one abstention Francis hopes that trump will rukovodstvuetsya spiritual and ethical values Mattis won the most votes before voting ends Dow Jones industrial average rose 048 to 1982725 item The collision occurred about four blocks from the White house The President's motorcade led the traditional parade The demonstrators also tried to break the procession at the White house © 2017 CHAO Today Media Log in or sign up using your account in the social network Vkontakte Facebook Twitter Classmates Google Login using your account on the website For those who register on the website until January 1, 2016 Enter the email address of your account. The system will send him

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12:30 on 18 November 2016 The rating of the richest famous athletes aged 30 years.

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Also Peskov said that while he is not sure, will change this position at the new Amer


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The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova reported that drinking people in our country have become

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