TV Center American senators have threatened sanctions Putin personally

24 january 2017, 03:55

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HOOD.The FILM HOOD.The FILM TRANSFER TRANSFER Tags Policy Putin USA sanctions Russia Senator Three members of the us Senate stated that the United States intends to impose tougher sanctions against Russia. According to them the restrictive measures will affect how some sectors of the economy and personally the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and his entourage. Three members of the U.S. Senate - John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Amy Klobuchar - on the eve of the New year, made a working visit to the South-East of Ukraine. In an interview with the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty, they promised to toughen sanctions against Russia. We are going next year to impose new sanctions in addition to those that exist now which will affect the energy sector and the banking sector and which will be named not only the FSB and GRU and their heads but, personally, President Putin and his entourage said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. In turn, another Republican Senator, John McCain, according to Reuters conveyed a personal message to the President of Russia. He said that the Ukrainian people will never be defeated. You will never defeat the Ukrainian people and do not deprive it of its independence and freedom, said McCain. United States 29 Dec imposed new sanctions against Russia. Washington also decided to expel 35 the Russian diplomats. They were ordered within 72 hours to leave the territory of the United States. The President of Russia in his turn expressed regret in connection with such end of the Obama administration. The head of state said that the Russian side will not be expelled from Russia, anybody from the American diplomats. Putin stressed that Russia will reserve the right to retaliate, however, further steps on restoration of Russian-American relations will be build on the basis of policy of the administration of Donald trump. See also Trump criticized CNN and NBC for coverage of Russia's response to U.S. sanctions Deported from U.S., Russian diplomats flew to Moscow Trump about Putin's decision not to expel the US diplomats Great move 1153 In the world 1313 The incident 1443 Policy 1447 Policy 1211 Sport 1200 The incident 1148 Policy 1538 Policy 2214 Policy 2225 Policy 1314 Policy 1702 Policy 1440 Policy 1448 The incident HOOD.The FILM HOOD.The FILM TRANSFER The website partners with Rambler project Active grazhdanproekt St. George ribbon online Copyright © 2007-2017 JSC TV Center The site operates a system error correction. Finding

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