The Ministry of defence is discussing with the Russian Academy of Sciences development in terms of sanctions, when restricted

24 january 2017, 03:46

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The Ministry of defence is discussing with the Russian Academy of Sciences development in terms of sanctions, when access is restricted to serious high technologies, said Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov before meeting with academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation in recent years have improved their cooperation in the field of research and development for the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation said the head of the RAS Vladimir Fortov. Speaking Thursday at the opening together leading academic scientists with representatives of the Ministry of defense of the FORTS said that the Academy of Sciences have always considered it an honor and a responsibility to work with the Ministry of defence. Russian Ministry of defense expects a major breakthrough in the field of laser and electromagnetic weapons, said Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov before meeting with academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences. You need to make a drastic effort to remedy the fundamental basis on which military science can create fundamentally new types of weapons. The flight tests of missiles for the Russian military railway missile complex Barguzin is scheduled for 2019, reported on Thursday, RIA Novosti source in the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. Two years later, in 2019, - said the Agency interlocutor answering the question of when to be held flight tests. The national security of the Russian Federation requires improvement of interaction of bodies of state power of local self-government scholars and civil society representatives noted at the meeting the members of the section on strategic planning of the scientific Council under the security Council of the Russian Federation. Important is not intentions but capabilities - these are the words of Otto von Bismarck Russian President Vladimir Putin quoted exactly two years ago at the meeting of the military-industrial Commission. Obviously this is one of his favorite quotes of the German Chancellor Putin remembered her at a meeting of Council Russia-the NATO in 2008. USA during the presidency of Barack Obama has repeatedly made unfriendly actions towards Russia but Moscow never passed on personal criticism, Obama said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. The fact that during the presidency of Mr. Obama, our relations have undergone a serious deterioration - Yes indeed take place at all levels - said Peskov told reporters. January 18, activists held a protest against the policies of the 44 us President Barack Obama near the U.S. Embassy in Moscow under the slogan Obama burn in hell. And this sharpness is not accidental - through the efforts of Washington, 2009 - 2017 years on all fronts of American leadership was too bloody. The Kremlin does not agree with the statement of the outgoing President Barack

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