The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova reported that drinking people in our country have become

24 january 2017, 03:46

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The Minister of health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova reported that drinking people in our country became less. On the eve of the Syrian peace talks in Astana to the fore again put forward the theme of Russian-Turkish relations. Without the cooperation of the two countries to achieve peace in the middle East will not be easy. The situation on our Turkish front, commented the Dean of the graduate school of television MSU Vitaly Tretyakov, a fragment of the broadcast video channel Pravda.Ru. This year Blue light as uninteresting. The jokes were flat pop stars sang a track and it was clear they never happened as well as the audience. The scandal surrounding the Blue light came on the First channel Pravda.Ru discussed with the blogger from Rostov-on-don Vadim Manoukian. Anton Tsvetkov sure that Isaac's Cathedral should be transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church as it is its integral part. More effectively allocate resources to combat new outbreaks of Ebola will help the discovery of geneticists who have learned to determine what people when infected by this virus. The decision of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation about the impossibility of execution of the ECHR decision about the payment of compensation to shareholders of Yukos negatively perceived in the West. As expected Russia does not stop at nothing to undermine democratic institutions. And the Council of Europe Commissioner for human rights Nils Muiznieks has demanded that Russia had abandoned the law which gives the right not to execute the decisions of the ECHR. The Institute of archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has published a list of New archaeological discoveries. It contains six of the most noteworthy archaeological discoveries made in China in the past year. For the first time the list included the award for international project. They became an archaeological monument Mengapa located in the Uzbek town of Marhamat. In Ancient China the new year celebration has invested a few important rituals. What rites has helped to attract good luck in love and prosperity That Feng Shui says about the year 2017 Will be favorable if Cock businessmen will it Help in the romantic sphere or in family relationships About it Pravda.Ru was told by Feng Shui master Tatyana Mizgireva. AIDS - the plague of the XX century - the threat remains an incurable disease in the XXI. In recent years it has hit hard Russia. How can be solved this problem live Pravda.Ru said academician Vadim Pokrovsky, Director of the Central Institute of epidemiology, Director of the Federal centre about the prevention and control of AIDS. Inner thighs gives women a lot of trouble there usually very early loses its elasticity and starts to Deposit fat there is cellulite. Copyright ©

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