Special projects : login page In the German port of Bremerhaven made unloading a large batch of brunete

24 january 2017, 03:55

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Special projects login page In the German port of Bremerhaven made unloading a large batch of armored vehicles arrived from the United States. Sources report hundreds units of tanks howitzers and other armored vehicle. Next technique will go by rail to destinations in Poland and the Baltic States. According to German media reports the total length of the trains of 900 platforms and cars will be not less than 14 kilometers. In Germany being transferred 35 thousand us troops of the 4th infantry division from Fort Carson USA Colorado. It is expected that the US, the UK, Germany and Canada will receive in 2017 Poland Estonia Latvia and Lithuania 4 thousand people at the reinforced battalion in each country actually talking about the shelves in different terminology. So talk about finding a compromise with the Russian leadership, the US and NATO carried out a strengthening in Eastern Europe. In this way, NATO continues a program of deterrence of Russian aggression. The Pentagon has increased its presence not only in Poland and the Baltic States but also Bulgaria and Hungary. American Democrats have been slow to implement the planned program. Assessing the situation in General is not difficult to notice that after disintegration of the Soviet Union, the US and NATO continue to ramp up its presence on Russia's borders. After the withdrawal of Russian troops from Eastern Europe, the former Warsaw Pact countries were accepted into NATO and deployed to the East. The same fate befell the former Baltic republics of the Soviet Union. Given the fact how were unleashed by armed conflicts in Ukraine and Syria, a clash between NATO and Russia no longer seems impossible. It would have already happened if it were not for some concerns related to missiles and nuclear deterrents. NATO usually attacking already defeated country lags far behind in its military and technological capabilities. Classics are operations in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya. In these circumstances, the cooperation between Russia and NATO looked pretty ridiculous, for example on Afghanistan, using the transit through the territory of Russia because now it was clear that NATO just waiting for the development of their new technologies against the backdrop of Russian degradation. No Russian concessions did not stop the US government from the expansion in the Caucasus, and then from the project to create Antirossii on the territory of Ukraine. The best way of cooperation with NATO is not the creation of this organization preferences and work to improve its own army and military technology. In the military field remains the old equitable Maxim according to which only until respect is fear. Unfortunately the world nothing will be able to come up with a new one. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent geopolitical

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