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24 january 2017, 03:55

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Saturday 21 January 2017 Almost a month ago in his Instagram Smokey Mo posted a video in which he reads a live new track called One as the whole clan and said that soon will come a new ... In November last year, Khovanskii has released a music video for the track the Noise was diss'ohms and calling on Versus Battle Noise. During this time, the video received over 11 million views. Today ... Alexander Lomia which you may know as Jambazi last year impressed everyone with their performances in the Ukrainian show "X Factor" and remember the wide audience the song ... A few days ago in Twitter'e ST there is a message httpstwitter.comststoizstastatus818838324060291074 Later he was supported by Ptah and Pencil And today Sc ... Today in Instagram Ptakha there is such a record I've been looking at what is happening around me. I fought a lot, though, fended off the annoying buzz krovoza ... So we are excited to continue our new section - a Detailed analysis from Rap-info. The jury consists of 3 masters all of them we list below. They are the most detailed raspis ... Today it became known that the actor of Black Star - L One to three years denied entry to Ukraine BHA. This information in your facebook shared people's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada. Oxxxymiron yesterday someone on twitter threw a new video he previously a very popular peepsi by the name of Nelly Furtado in the end provoked a wave of questions to Myron about female rap ht ... Hatchet Harry in the network Instagram started a series of publications devoted to facts about the making of his videos. Facts about the clip I'm not welcome here 1. Episodes reading was filmed at the impound lot among b ... Today The Flow out a great interview with Basta in which he talked About contacts with other rappers. And there was this statement My most funny story shared ...

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