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Russian is the largest Bulletin Board in new York and popular news portal publishing news USA online in Russian. Team around the clock online newspaper keeps track of messages leading U.S. and international media and specialized media, providing its readers with current information on all aspects of life in the United States. The Internet portal pays special attention to news and issues of interest to representatives of Russian community. Thus Russian is not limited to just places the current news USA in Russian language online newspaper finds answers and offers solutions which help readers to make their lives better - On the website of Russkaya Reklama contains the latest news politics economy culture sports science from reputable English and Russian sources. Special sections of the online Newspapers cover events in the world of USA new York city and state and also separately allocates the news is significant for the representatives of the Russian community. Well-organized categories and interface of the website help users quickly and easily navigate to the downloaded information space. - Offering the latest news USA in Russian the portal also provides readers with useful information on various topics. Here we consider in detail the issues of immigration publishes announcements of cultural sports and other events including information about the tour Russian artists are reviews of restaurants, clubs, fitness centers discussed ways to maintain health and beauty. Information is presented on the website Russian advertising will be interesting and useful for people of different ages occupations Hobbies. - Reading the news USA today in Russian you will be able to see the actual ads of private individuals and companies. Russian is the largest site ad authenticated users in new York city. 20 sections of the website cover the thousands of classified ads about a wide variety of products and services including rental and sale of real estate cars and yachts health and beauty services offers employment and Dating. Users of the portal can not only read but also listen and watch news USA in Russian. On the website Russkaya Reklama posted interesting videos and gives you access to online broadcasts of 40 TV channels Russian, European, Ukrainian and Asian. The program of the Russian TV channels are published in the relevant section of our website. Additionally, users can find radio programs Russian is and download apps allows you to listen to the news on the radio with

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