Our favorite long term investment of money - FOREVER.

24 january 2017, 03:54

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Our favorite long term investment of money - FOREVER. © Warren Buffett Even if You are very talented and make great efforts for some of the results just takes time you will not get the child through the month, even if forced to nine pregnant women. © Warren Buffett The majority of people are showing interest in shares in those periods when it is done by many. Meanwhile, the time to act comes at a time when nobody else does. You can't buy what is popular and to succeed. © Warren Buffett You can achieve great success in inaction. Many investors can't resist the desire to constantly buy and sell. © Warren Buffett About us The company is registered in offshore, free from taxation in the Cayman Islands. Has all necessary certificates and documents on conducting commercial activity. Focused on providing quality services on the us stock market. The objective of the company in the preservation and enhancement of clients ' capital and to reduce risks. - All accounts opened through one of the best American brokers - Interactive Brokers and 100% insured. - We do not depend on the market situation because our strategies allow you to work as long позициямиLong and короткимиShort. - We are opposed to margin trading and never use it that gives us a great advantage in reducing costs over the shoulders of the preservation of resources and to reduce risks. We do not take money for registration and for the use of materials. Do not place annoying ads. Always happy to fulfill Your wishes to improve the functionality of the website. The advantages of the American market - The largest and most liquid market. - Traded by the best companies in the world. - High liquidity securities. - A huge variety of securities, instruments and strategies - Excess yield securities more than 100% in a short period of time - Autonomy in decision-making. - Great opportunities for your growth and increase your capital. The advantages of working with us - Accessibility for a wide range of people, not large amounts to start investing. - Individual approach to each client. - The possibility of developing individual strategies for choosing stocks and how to trade for specific goals for return and risk. - Monthly reports for clients in trust management - Transparency and security for your money - Quick Deposit and withdrawal funds from the account no later than 72 hours. enter your e-mail

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