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The password must be at least 3 characters long. On sent to the specified e-mail will receive a confirmation of registration. January 20, 2017 Section of Article the Author ittr Tags Matt Ryan Aaron Rodgers Atlanta Falcons Green Bay Packers Comments 12 Read more... January 20, 2017 Blog Game of Endzones Author jane4ka I played for the Patriots for thirteen years and I can assure you that the last thing I'd want to be late for the morning Assembly bill Belichik. Last thing in the world. So when one day in December 2000, I woke up this morning and realized that the meeting starts in 20 minutes I immediately thought damn... Jumping out of bed and looked out the window I saw the first snowfall that winter. DAMN Tags New England Patriots Comments 3 Read more... 19 Jan 2017 Section of Article the Author ittr Tags New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers Atlanta Falcons green Bay Packers in the playoffs Comments 14 Read more... 19 Jan 2017 Author The King Of Blondes Comments 9 Read more... 18 Jan 2017 Section of Article the Author udfc Today we have the last in this year's analysis of the bowl. Orange Bowl - one of the top matches of the season the student is included in the rotation of the semi-finals of the championship. This time our guest is everyone's favorite Jimmy Harbaugh and Wolverines which tamed the Seminoles, Jimbo Fisher. Tags Michigan Florida State Comments 3 Read more... 18 Jan 2017 Blog Quinquaginta The Author Of The King Of Blondes Maybe this is wrong but the last round of the playoffs remember I and several other fans of one of the teams that is a sense of expectation sense of the search and the attempt to discern someone out of many problems... or just to reach the conference finals... Comments 14 Read more... 17 Jan 2017 Blog 1265 Lombardi Avenue the Author ittr Before Thanksgiving two friends Brian Yankelevitz and Russ Axelrod had to choose an NFL team and put on a win in every match the entire winning amount until she's not gonna win the Super bowl. It all started with a Bank of $ 300. Russ and Brian opted for the green Bay Packers. Less than an hour after winning fillhole Mason Crosby Axelrod entered the Aria resort casino in Vegas winning a check cashed and loaded onto the Packers win in Atlanta. The amount of the bet made 28 of 213 thousand dollars and 60 cents. Tags bet NFL green Bay Packers Comments 30 Read more... 16 Jan 2017

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