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COURSES CBR 22.01.201759.6697 rubles per dollar США63.7272 rubles per Euro News 24 is a news aggregator. The information update occurs every 5 minutes so you get the latest news. We care about the quality of the sources, choosing the most interesting and relevant news 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customers experiencing problems of the Tatarstan banks Tatfondbank and Bank at the meeting in Kazan was asked to sanitize these financial organizations and return them money. The event passed without incident, it was attended by about 300 people told the Interfax in the press-service UMVD of Kazan. According to estimates of the correspondent of the local newspaper Business Online to a rally in the Park. Tinchurin came about 200 people. Protesting against the inauguration of US President Donald trump in Mexico city erected a mock wall near the building of the Embassy of the United States. A makeshift wall was built of cardboard boxes and spray-painted slogans antithrombosis and the top was set the figure of the tramp from papier-mache. During the action the activists burned their design. American news media is now full of commentaries advising which policy is to elect Donald Trump in cooperation with Russia. But what of the relationship with the US is waiting for the Kremlin In the first seven contests of the hockey team the East won in five After the inauguration of the new US President Donald trump will end the term of office of the officials of the State Department of the Obama administration. What will be remembered for mark Toner Elizabeth Trudeau Jen Psaki and John Kirby at RT. The roadmap will be a specific Charter for six electronic platforms This is due to the abolition of the indexation of pensions to working pensioners. Labor Minister Topilin also calls to revise the consumer basket and to take a policy decision on raising the minimum wage to a living wage. The explosion in the city Parachinar in North-West Pakistan killed 20 people and another 40 were injured, reports BBC. The device exploded when the market was full of buyers. Local authorities expect an increase in the number of ... Australian scientists use fungus found in feces of large herbivores found out who exactly destroyed the huge and unusual Australian animals. The new data was to blame that person and not climate change as previously thought. The corresponding article is published in Nature Communications. According to

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