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On Saturday morning January 21, the police blocked the movement of pedestrians and vehicles Jiraskuv the Jiráskův most bridge in the centre of Prague due to the discovery beneath it of suspicious objects. The law enforcers also cordoned off the part adjacent to the construction of the embankment Naplavka from the Dancing house. Message In 2016, the Czech cinemas visited 15 621 923 people. This is the best result for the last thirteen years. The audience left at the box office cinema 2011 billion crowns. Such statistics was published by the Union sinodistillation the Czech Republic. Just last year in the cinemas of the Czech Republic showed 345 The passport of the citizen of the Czech Republic gives the right to visa-free travel to 152 countries. For this indicator, the Republic was in seventh place in the latest ranking Passport index. Conducted by the consulting Agency Arton study shows how easily citizens of different States can move around the world. The The Holocaust memorial in Berlin one of the most visited complexes dedicated to the genocide of the Jews during the Second world war. However, not all tourists come there to honor the memory of the millions killed by the Nazis people. Some find complex perfect background for a selfie. In Google Maps was used for the Czech Republic in the English version of the abbreviated name dvuhsotletnego Czechia instead of the Czech Republic. The change occurred on 19 January drew attention to the portal iDNES. Recall in July last year, the UN at the request of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic On Friday, Italian rescuers found under the rubble of a mountain hotel Rigopiano Farindola di which is almost two days ago covered avalanche eight survivors. Among them two children. On it informs Agency Ansa. Two people a woman with a daughter already managed On Friday 20 January, the Czech hydrometeorological Institute ČHMÚ announced smolovoy situation warning against dangerous concentrations of suspended particles in the air. It is valid for most regions of the country including Prague. Authorities are asking residents to refrain from traveling by private cars and use public On Thursday 19 January the upper house of the Czech Parliament approved amendments to the law on traffic on terrestrial communications 562001 Sb which greatly facilitate the life of motorists. They will be able to register a new machine or make changes in the register of vehicles in the municipality of any large settlement In Prague are shooting new American-British movie the Aftermath, the literal translation of the Consequences. The main roles are played by the famous keira Knightley, Jason Clarke and Alexander Skarsgard and producing the picture of the iconic Hollywood Director Ridley Scott. The film takes place in post-war Hamburg. For him kinodely Prague city court has recognized just fine

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