JAN 2017 Before the official start of negotiations will take place.

24 january 2017, 03:54

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JAN 2017 Before the official beginning of talks will be held consultations with delegations from Russia and Turkey. Arrived in Kazakhstan... Local police have listed the most common types of offenses in 2016. A zero-tolerance policy implement... CNS clarification on the issue of suspension of the operation of communication networks and access to Internet resources. Reported... In Italy crashed a bus carrying children returning from France to Hungary according to RBC... Man arrested for theft of led lights with well-known tourist site in Borovoye. A Resident Of The Village... Kazakhstan Kazybek ermegiyaev took part in the inauguration ceremony of U.S. President Donald trump. Kazybek studying for... The deputies of the Turkish Parliament endorsed the bill on amendments to the Constitution concerning the introduction of a presidential form... In Aktau city court sentenced three doctors Mangystau regional hospital which was accused of... Consulate of Turkey in Almaty, 44-year-old man committed arson. A Turkish citizen according to the police... The European Union will be presented at the Astana process in Syria. This at a press conference in Brussels said... This statistic was for the previous 18 days. - Stalking harassment in public places is regulated by... Almaty is flooded with counterfeit banknotes and coins of high quality. Almaty and Almaty oblast are the leaders in... This became known during a briefing On the introduction of the Amnesty law... A strong wind and a Blizzard forecasters predict in Kazakhstan on Saturday January 21. For more... Energy class of the earthquake - 101. 350 kilometres South-East of Almaty on January 21... After the inauguration of a new President of the United States Donald trump signed his first Executive order and the White... Unusual linen made of durable material that does not tear and it difficult to cut. In Germany... Convicted of 11 September 2016 reported to the police about an act of terrorism. In Almalinsky district court of... Taking the military oath, they stood in a single operation of the National guard and became a full defence...

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