In flight, the crew MKS-50

24 january 2017, 03:54

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21.01.2017 Astronauts Jing HIPAA and Chen Dong were awarded with medals For achievements in the field of Astronautics 21.01.2017 RKK Energiya plans to deliver crew and cargo to the ISS in three hours 21.01.2017 Russian experts suggest to hang in space mirror to illuminate the Earth by night 21.01.2017 In the United States launched the satellite system early warning system 21.01.2017 Memorable dates in space exploration. 21 Jan 2017 Camporovere Sarcomancy ISS Ridicously Nikolaeviches-1 µs Boreenmanna Ivanovicjasmina-2 µs Navickiene Victorvictoria-4 ISS Pescatore Hatebreeder-5 µs Wittenberge Unattractiveness-6 ISS 17 Nov 2016 232013 MSK from the Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan launch manned spacecraft Soyuz MS-03 with a crew of commander Oleg Novitskiy flight engineer-1 pesquet flight engineer-2 Peggy Whitson. Landing of the crew of Soyuz MS-02 is scheduled for February 25, 2017. Landing of the crew of Soyuz MS-03 is scheduled for may 16, 2017. November 18, 2016 0859 DMV in the Autonomous region of Inner Mongolia China landed lander of manned spacecraft Shenzhou 11 crew commander Jing Hypen flight engineer Chen Dong. The duration of the flight crew amounted to 32 days 06 h 28

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