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24 january 2017, 03:47

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Antonov can get British equipment to their aircraft on the program of import substitution In Mariupol there was a fire in the building of Department of control over arms trafficking Vitaly Homutynnik met with the leader of the Republican party in the U.S. House of representatives Map ATO as at 21 Jan In the center of Kiev burned restaurant Briefing of the speaker of the Ministry of defence in the ATO - video Over the past day in the Donbas killed one Ukrainian military - defense In Rome, the March of women protesters oppose trump The President of the Gambia announced his resignation as head of state The Kremlin believes that the Minsk agreement must be implemented by Kiev and the Donbas From the rubble, covered with an avalanche of hotel in Italy rescued a further four people - source Lukashenko instructed to find an alternative to Russian oil supplies In Kiev night shot lawyer The EU Commission has allowed an extension of five EU border control for three more months - source In Zhitomir 13 students hospitalized with food poisoning During the riots in Washington burned a limo In the attack on a market in Pakistan killed at least 20 people - source Radu Poklitaru Trips with the class in the theatre is the opportunity to kill the child's love of theater for a lifetime In South Korea arrested the Minister of culture The opposition bloc are hoping that trump will keep the Ukrainian question in the field of view On KPVV in the area of ATO formed a queue of nearly a thousand cars - SBS Tricks trump Why nuclear disarmament in exchange for the lifting of sanctions deception Lutkovska explains did the police to the apartment where mother left children for 9 days In Italy, the Hungarian bus involved in the accident 16 people were killed The new investigation, the public Prosecutor's office Ukraine's foreign Ministry recommends citizens to refrain from visiting Central Italy Valeriya Lutkovska Parliament Commissioner for human rights guest of the talk show People. Hard Talk. Release from 20.01.2017 How deteriorated relations between the US and Russia and who's to blame In the Lviv region burned the wooden Church of the XIX century Such ground as the ATO to suspend the payment of pensions no - Lutkovska Lutkovska explained is how Ukrainian prisoners in the Crimea and the Russian Federation In Lviv region there was a gas explosion in a private house, two people hospitalized Manchester city - Tottenham Today will be the match of the championship England The weather today In Ukraine is expected snow, the temperature will drop to -2 The militants a day fired 25 times position forces ATO killed one soldier - headquarters The white house will publish the salaries of employees New Pentagon chief promises to strengthen military Alliance World leaders on the prospects of relations with trump All full of hope and optimism The Ambassador spoke about the two possible formats of the meeting

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