As mobile devices become medical devices and their laboratories

24 january 2017, 03:54

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As mobile devices become medical devices and their laboratories Is it possible without the help of a doctor to register a noise in the lungs to measure the level of sugar in the blood to remove the electrocardiogram, or ultrasound done And also to conduct a rapid analysis of the HIV and Oncology Is possible using special nozzles and portable modules are compatible with mobile devices which allow you to turn an ordinary smartphone into a full fledged medical lab. And this is only the beginning of the path leading to the future of telemedicine. Blakemason Ekaterina Rusakova Editor The little gray Fox a lot of enemies on her hunt coyotes and lynx. Cunning Fox found a way out, they RUB against the ground where the Cougars marking their territory and begin to smell of Puma. So they can avoid the attack or to gain time to escape. Blogueuse like animals Evgeniya Timonova naturalist-promoter Zhenya Timonova says about animals in large numbers. Invasive species imported from its habitat to another habitat. Sometimes they feel at the new place so well that you begin to behave badly to displace indigenous species and threaten native ecosystems. Ten technologies which we did not wait Test the knowledge of the names of Soviet and Russian weapons Plagiotropous The Educational project Until recently, scientists believed that the first Alpine settlement at an altitude of over 4000 meters appeared in the Andes around 13,000 years ago. But according to new research competition for the ancient inhabitants of South America could be the Tibetans. Blogapi-Housing The faculty of psychology of Moscow state University Collective conscious Vividly own culture is experienced at parting with her. If a person loses touch with its culture for the long term then it is a violation of the prospects time the present and the future no longer logically derived from the past. How Asia Minor was lost to the Christian world What can radio telescopes to tell about the past of the milky Way Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty Degree of difficulty © 2017 N+1 online edition The use of all text materials without modification for non-commercial purposes is permitted with reference to N+1. All audiovisual works are the property of their authors and rights holders and are used only for educational and informational purposes. If you are the owner of a work and not

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