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24 january 2017, 03:55

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Release year Genres Country USA 1926 special screening On August 28, 2000 in the House of cinema will be opening the season of international film concerts of Modern tapersky cinema. USA 1939 military drama romance Classic costume drama about what about the problems it is better to think tomorrow. USA 1933 drama Comedy musical Barney Hopkins is preparing a new show on Broadway, but the day before it closed and the props and costumes confiscated for unpaid bills. Italy USA 1954 detective drama romance The famous detective drama for the role in which Edmond O'brien was awarded an Oscar and Golden globe. USA 1940 animated children's This film still surprises the audience with its unexpected freshness and experimentalism. USA 1932 Thriller drama romance The film is based on one of the most famous works of Ernes Hemingway about the first world war. USA 1948 detective drama The first picture where Abraham Polonsky acted as a Director and screenwriter that has become a kind of reward for the fact that the year before his script of the movie Body and soul was nominated for an Oscar. USA 1940 drama Comedy romance Shot on the play the front page movie is the best ever made comedies from the life of newsmen. USA 1930 military drama The adaptation of the novel by Erich Maria Remarque. USA 1956 drama Thriller The most controversial film of the king of thrillers Alfred Hitchcock. USA 1959 drama romance Western The last of the classic Western with John Wayne in the title role. USA 1950's detective drama A gripping crime drama in the Noir style, nominated for the Golden lion Oscar and a Golden globe. USA 1921 drama Comedy special screening of the family The first feature-length Chaplin film-Director as well as screenwriter and producer. 1951 USA drama romance Even after going through the censorship this film has remained one of the most passionate and romantic in world cinema. 1952 USA drama romance musical Largely autobiographical film, Charlie Chaplin in which the comedian played a major role. USA 1939 adventure Western A classic Western with shooting and car chases from the legend of the American cinema of John Ford. USA 1941 Comedy special screening of the melodrama, the musical Funny Comedy which is based on compositions of Glenn Miller. USA 1931 drama horror fantasy Adapted from the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson about Dr. Dzhekile who managed to make a potion releasing it the dark side of his

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