American and Ukrainian children together studying our past

24 january 2017, 03:55

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Spring in the US are planning to go 9 Ukrainian seniors of the Upper Rohachyk. A chance they got thanks to the efforts of the teachers of English Verhny rohachik secondary school № 1 Lyudmila Zheleznyak. And in the fall of Kherson region came 9 American Teens with their teachers Lyudmila iron ore is not only kindly answered questions about the realities of Ukrainian-American cooperation in the field of education but also played the role of translator. The conversation was attended by the guests of the American teacher, Mrs. Strickland Ms. henrickson and Mr. Turner who came together with his disciples in Sochi. - Do you feel any difference between the children of the Upper Rohachyk and American teenagers - No Ludmila puts the question of American colleagues. No the only Difference is in language. No difference in appearance and behaviour children are exactly the same. And behavior in the classroom - A good question. The difference I saw when I was a translator at the lesson of Ukrainian history. Almost all of the nine American students listened to the lesson with my eyes wide open. Listened with such interest I never saw such eyes of my children. However I explained it this way when my children will listen to a story about the history of the United States they, too, will those eyes. - Lyudmila, what is the essence of your project and who financed it - The program is designed for 3 years from 2002 to 2005. Finances its U.S. state Department and in Ukraine it is managed by the American councils. Their offices are in Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv. In General, Ukraine has been carrying out 46 programs in education. It cover students and teachers. I have already won three such grants. The peculiarity of this is that to us from Kansas came not only teachers but students and nine school Emporia high school. They live in our families learning with our children in a specially formed class of secondary school № 1 im. Korbut. Late spring of our children will go on a visit to the American teenagers and live with their families and learn together with them. Probably don't need much to say what does this program our children to teachers. The essence of the project lies in the fact that our children are working on the theme of the Participation of the United States and Ukraine in the Second world war. Ukrainian students have to collect materials about the great Patriotic war veterans of our district and our country. Students from Kansas under the leadership of our American colleagues will collect materials about the American veterans of the Second world war. - You have already started work on this project - Little has worked. This topic is very close to us. I want to say that Mrs. Strickland is not the first time in Ukraine. In 1999, she attended a meeting of veterans of the Second

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