Amazing coin videos from First Coin Company

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Amazing coin videos from First Coin Company


I bet, if you are like me, you are routinely frustrated with the fact that sometimes, the flat mechanical illustrations or even photos of certain collector coins don’t provide an accurate representation of how the coin physically looks in hand.  There are probably times when you have been disappointed upon holding a coin in your hand for the first time and thinking how much better it looked in the picture while on the other hand, there are other times when you probably didn’t order a coin because the image of the coin online didn’t look appealing but then when you actually happened to see the coin in person at a coin show or in a colleagues coin display case at some point much later (possibly when the coin was already sold out), you realize that the coin is quite beautiful and it wasn’t represented well in the flat image.


A high quality video showing off the coin can make this frustration disappear and the First Coin Company has revolutionized the art and science of producing coin videos. By incorporating state of the art macro videography techniques coupled with a honed sense of aesthetics for showing off modern collectible coins, the First Coin Company’s coin videos are  unmatched in their attention-grabbing effect and thus their effectiveness.


If you don’t believe me, then just have a look for yourself. There’s no image in the world that could ever give you the full sense of what the 2014 Niue Volcano Erta Ale Silver coin looks like in hand except a high quality video of the coin produced by the First Coin Company as is seen here: .


Stunning, isn’t it?


When I want to buy a modern collector coin, I always check the First Coin Company (FCC) website or the FCC YouTube channel to see if they have produced a video for the coin I am interested in. If the First Coin Company has produced a video for that coin, then I will have at my fingertips right on my PC, cell phone, or tablet a tool that provides me the next best thing to holding the coin in my hand to evaluate whether or not I want to buy that coin.


First Coin Company makes collecting modern numismatic coins a much better experience.

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