A recent study suggests that there are people that can see h

24 january 2017, 03:54

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A recent study suggests that there are people who can see sounds. This unique feature becomes possible if the occipital lobe is responsible for our ability to see is too small. Scientists believe that visualizing the sounds the brain compensates for vision problems. An international team of scientists discovered off the coast of Africa deep swirls of water similar to atmospheric cyclones reported in the published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters article. In early January of 2017, NASA announced that orbital uses the Hubble telescope to study the properties of the interstellar medium which has left the station Voyager 1. This is fast moving and the most remote from Earth the person together with Voyager 2, in spite of its modern technology from the point of view of simplicity for almost 40 years studying the Solar system. Whether on the photo below received recently in the English city of Kingston upon hull to be sealed something unusual defy rational explanation American fire engines usually longer and wider European just in the United States no medieval narrow city streets. no common standards for each unit ordered the car to your taste The state of the Chilean Committee for the study of anomalous phenomena in the atmosphere CEFAA is part of the Department of civil Aeronautics under the jurisdiction of the local air force on the basis of the examination of the video recording came to the conclusion that the pilots Chile in 2014 managed to film a UFO in the sky West of Santiago, writes The Huffington Post. The ancient settlement area of almost 25 hectares have been discovered by archaeologists in the Eastern Georgian region of Kakheti. This is the Agency Sputnik-Georgia with reference to the National Agency of cultural heritage protection of Georgia. Literally every month there is an incredible amount of automotive concepts which are astonishingly futuristic design, and filling capabilities. After decades of observations and brainstorming astronomers were finally able to lift the curtain of secrecy of the source of strange flashes of radio signals coming to us from outside our galaxy. This source is a dwarf galaxy located about 3 billion light years from Earth. It should be noted that this is an important discovery for scientists because they are not one year have puzzled over the origins of these signals. Inside earth's core formed of iron stream. It contributes to the formation of the magnetic field of our planet. To such conclusion came in Geophysics from Denmark and the UK. American independent research organization Center for Study of Global Christianity which operates at the theological Seminary Gordon Conwell in Massachusetts for the 32nd

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